Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council elections will take place on May 3rd 2018

Our candidates are as follows:

Abbey  Sophie BONNER                                                                                                                                                   Arbury    Maggie MORRISSEY
Attleborough  Laurel BRINDLEY
Barpool  Tess BROOKES
Exhall   Merle GERING                                                                                                                                                                  Kingswood   Andrew SAFFREY                                                                                                                                                   St Nicolas   Michele KONDAKOR
Weddington    Mike WRIGHT                                                                                                                                              Wembrook   Spring VERNON

Please see the 2018 Candidates page for more details.


2018 Manifesto

Protect and expand the local economy

We will support all efforts to bring new businesses and jobs into the Borough. We will continue to put pressure on organisations such as the Local Enterprise Partnership to give the Borough more help with job creation. We will support regeneration for the Town Centre. There is a need for more shops to attract people into the town centre and we also believe that the market is a major attraction that needs to be helped more. There is currently a Transforming Nuneaton project  ( www.warwickshire.gov.uk/transformingnuneaton). We will await details but support the the principle. The Abbey Theatre is undertaking a feasability study, with the aim of relocating, with an expanded offer, to the town centre. We support this and believe that it would be an asset to the town and encourage the night time economy. Some details of what are proposed can be found here. https://www.abbeytheatre.co.uk/about-us/new-build/

Focus on local housing needs

We have been campaigning for a long while about the housing numbers in the Borough Plan. We do not believe that around 14,000 are needed for the Borough in the period to 2031. The number realistically should be around 6500. Cllr Keith Kondakor and Merle Gering ( our Exhall candidate) both made extensive submissions to the Borough Plan consultation regarding the numbers involved. Keith has detailed a lot of the research behind the numbers  at www.openplan.org.uk. The numbers deemed to be required in the Borough Plan are very relevant to the amount of development that is being given permission across the Borough, but particularly in Weddington and St Nicolas.A lot of the developments have been recommended for approval based on th Borough not having a 5 year housing supply.The higher the target in the Borough Plan ( even though it has not yet been adopted), the higher the number of approvals that need to be given to satisfy the need for a 5 year housing supply.

The types of housing in the newer developments is also an issue. We do not deny the need for some new housing but the greatest demand is for people trying to get on the housing ladder, and yet many of the developments are largely 4 and 5 bed homes. With an ageing population there is also a need for housing that suits older people, who may have reduced mobility or frailty. Some older people would be happy to downsize and release their larger family home, but there is a shortage of suitable homes in the same localities.

Holding the Borough Council to account and improving local decision making

Push for the delivery of local infrastructure

We have been pushing and will continue to push to make sure that the doctor's surgery and school that were promised as part of the Weddington development do actually happen. A member of the local Green Party has attended every CCG meeting that is open to the public and has been continually asking to make sure that the doctor's surgery has remained on the top of the agenda. Cllr Kondakor, as the County Council for Weddington, has been badgering the County Council about the School , which is now ear-marked to be ready for it's first intake of pupils in September 2019.

Looking after our environment

There is a need for more trees to be planted. We pledge that every Green councillor will endeavour to plant at least 30 trees in their ward each year. Trees are important for making our areas nice places to be as well as the health and wellbeing benefits and the climate, air quality and flooding gains that they give.

We have arranged and /or supported many litter picks over the last few years. We have asked numerous questions at Council regarding litter enforecment and will continue to try and persuade the Council to take littring more seriously. We are sure that if littering and dog fouling was properly enforecd and fines issued it would be cost-neutral. If perpetrators were aware that there was a good chance, rather than an outside chance, of being fined, they wouls be less likely to offend.




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