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16 August 2019

This week, the price increases for regulated rail fares from January 2020 were announced. Prices will rise on average by 2.8%. This is based on the Retail Price Index (RPI) for July. It is more than if the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was used. The CPI is more commonly used by Goyernment as an indicator of inflation. In these times of a climate emergency, when we need to be encouraging people out of their cars and onto public transport, this rise is disappointing.

It was also announced this week that the franchise for the West Coast Mainline route, that has been run by Virgin Trains, has been handed to First Trenitalia.It does not look as if Nuneaton will benefit from better services as a result of this change.

Warwickshire County Council has launched its Rail Strategy Consultation for 2019-2034. It is disappointing to see quite an emphasis on Parkway stations which largely benefit those who own a car. New stations should be where the populations are.There are also suggestions of a Parkway station near Polesworth. Polesworth already has a station that could be used - it should have been brought back into service properly many years ago. Only having a platform eit on one side is madness, particularly with all the new housing being built there. Please take time to have a look and respoond to the consultation, which can be found at https://ask.warwickshire.gov.uk/communities/draft-warwickshire-rail-strategy-2019-2034/.

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